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Case Studies

Case Study 1: Sony camera technology

When Sony was seeking a new market for their camera technology, we suggested developing a fingerprint unit. At the time, there was no market for the unit, so we used our connections to help them create a whole new industry around it. This involved defining the market, productizing the unit, creating developers' kits for programmers, and even creating an API standard and licensing it to Microsoft Corporation.


Case Study 2: Ink jet-based deposition printer

The AIST developed an ink-jet-based deposition product capable of depositing layers of metal on materials on a micron scale. At first, the agency considered developing this as a device for repairing integrated circuits, but our examination of the product and market led to the realization that the IC repair market, where equipment already abounds and where the trend is toward replacement rather than repair, was not the most appropriate market for this remarkable technology. It was actually its ability you create 3D artifacts that could be used as sockets or mirrors that offered the most potential and possibilities.


Case Study 3: Nascent technology partnerships/funding

In the second half of March 2008 alone, InTecur took seven technologies developed with Japanese government funds to the Silicon Valley and found funding for two of them.


Case Study 4: Security technology lectures

During the same trip to the United States in March 2008, William Saito gave presentations on the relevance of information security to the consumer electronics industry and on changes in security technology.