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Private Sector:
Companies today are pursuing research at a dizzying pace,...
InTecur Services for Corporations:
Helping define (focus) products, enter markets, find customers...
Public Sector:
Among their many activities, governments are concerned with...
InTecur Services for Government:
Identifying the core value of and potential applications for the results...

Services - Private Sector

Challenges facing corporations

Companies today are pursuing research at a dizzying pace, and the number of breakthroughs continues to accelerate. Very often, these discoveries have clear applications for new products or, even more frequently, for improvements in existing products. In such cases, the companies' own development and sales organizations can draw on past experience and move forward with relative ease.

But there are also many new technologies that are born as offshoots of product research or as results of basic research that serendipitously create applications that were not considered originally. However innovative, intriguing or even exciting these technologies may be, their potential can remain unrealized if their creator (whether an individual, a company or a government) fails to recognize their most appropriate (and profitable) applications. Companies that suspect they have technologies with an unrecognized potential in the security field, especially, are invited to turn to InTecur for help.

We often find that products that fail to produce the anticipated profitability with the originally intended application offer much greater potential as part of a larger system, in a different market, as a solution to a different problem or in a larger market in a different geographical area. We then work with the creator to help determine any requisite reconfiguration and create a business plan as well as find partners that can help with this reorientation.

InTecur Solutions

InTecur's core capabilities are identifying appropriate markets for new technologies, and identifying and creating new markets, at home or overseas, for existing products in various technology fields. We also help companies in the fields of mobile/wireless (cell phones, RFID, etc.), communications, data storage, IT or physical security, internal control and various other areas of security. Once the application and market are clarified, we work with the client in a consultancy capacity to identify the specific needs and develop an optimal product, business strategy and partnering to meet them. Our strong connections with investors, banks and other financial services companies, members of the legal profession, consulting firms and government agencies ensure our ability to guide a product from its inception as a nascent technology through the development stage and all the way to market with maximum efficiency.

If the client is a venture-funded startup company, we can support it as a board member or advisor, helping management to define the product, identify and enter a target market, establish the company and guide its growth in this new market, find potential customers, acquire funding, find and develop relationships with partners and, in some cases, even help take the company to IPO. If the client is a company with an established product that wants to expand globally into new markets, we help it find appropriate applications and markets for the product in the target country and to develop appropriate connections and partnerships. In some cases, we also help it restructure or adjust the product or redefine its niche to suit it better to different social and cultural needs in its new environment.

Simply stated, our solutions involve examining a product concept and helping to develop it, productize it, market it and deliver it to the end customer. This process includes gathering all the "missing pieces" - from partners for such key services as distribution and after-sales support to technologies and technical know-how - required to assemble a complete solution package that will make the company and/or the product or service more successful.


Services - InTecur Services for Corporations